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RoboRobo is a company specializing in cultivating talents which lead the future of 4th Industrial Revolution

We are here for you as a company specialized in learning tools fostering future talents from preschooler to college students through logic, thinking power, creativity and cognitive ability based on robot, coding and STEAM integrated programs.

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    • Study on educational courses throughout
      all areas of robot, coding and STEAM
    • The company holds educational contents throughout all of scientific technology areas including robot, coding, drone and STEAM, based on curriculum developed by the robotics education study group led by Ph. Ds from Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University. The company supplies educational platforms to educational institutions not only in Korea but also in many other countries.
    • Inno-BIZ certified
    • The company is not satisfied with studying and publishing reports but directly integrates and instructs study results into the field oriented education. Founded RoboRobo Co. Ltd specialized in intelligent robots on May 29, 2000, the company has been certified of the venture enterprise and the Inno-BIZ (technically innovative small and medium business). The company applied for a patent for the intelligent robot business model for the first time in Korea.

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  • 어린아이들이 즐거운 수업을 하는 모습

    • Fostering talents in all areas
    • Under the dedication that educational platforms in the continuous flow from the preschooler phase to the adult phase should be provided for creativity and thinking power developing education and experiencing education which would be foundation to foster talents throughout every area, the company holds various educational platforms for all ages. Particularly, good quality educational tools for robot, coding and STEAM enable effective talent learning.
    • Fostering professional instructors
    • Under cooperation with Creative Science Education Association, the company continuously fosters professional instructors who can provide education in the field. The company is committed to continuous follow-up education services to provide the field oriented education curriculum and student education services.

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