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5Q&A (Other products can be used?)
2020-11-17 10:36:30Hits : 735

How is it going? It's Roborobo!

We want to share some answers for frequent questions!


1. Can ohter brands' products be used other than Roborobo's?

> Yes you can. We have decided to minimize regulations so that diverse creative pieces can be made by all the participants.

However, make sure that you need to use CPU of Robo Kit at least.

Also, if the parts you need are what you can use from Robo Kit, use Robo Kit's parts on the preferential basis.

If the parts you need are not what you can find from Robo Kit, you can use them such as ultrasonic sensor, tilt sensor, mini servo and etc from other brands(Arduino, Raspberry Pi or etc).

About a software to program, ROGIC for Robo Kit has to be used for the main and you can use other softwares if you need.

*Please show what parts you use and how you program on your video. 


2. Can we join as a team with more than two members?

> You can be a team but the award and cetificate is prepared for a single participant.


If we get more questions, we will keep updating.


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