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14[Robo Kit] ChromeRogic_v1.0.8 for MAC OS
2020-11-05Hits : 5748

Dear customers.

Thank you for using our Robo Kit Series.


You can download 'Chrome Rogic version 1.0.8' program, manual, and VCP Driver here.

* Before running Chrome Rogic, extract the '' file first,

and then run 'SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg' to install the driver.


- Chrome Rogic cannot perform Robot Download functions on Windows or Linux.

- Chrome Book users can install the program from other post named: [Robo Kit]ChromeRogic_v1.0.8 for Chrome Book


- For Android users, please search and download Rogic on Google Play Store.
- For iPad users, please search and donwload Rogic on the App Store.
* Please note that our program does not work on iPhone.


Thank you.