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RoboRobo Education

How do I learn the robot and coding?
                    RoboRobo Education will provide the answer

  • 로봇 코딩 융합과학
  • Integrated of not only robot and coding technologies but also living knowledge beyond a single type curriculum, education programs of RoboRobo Education provide converged education for each age group.
                        Our professional curriculum developers provide advanced education curriculum to students and customized education in line with the current educational trend and knowledge industry to study, develop and distribute education for changing talent development so to ensure high class education quality.
Learning with robots, RoboRobo Education

Education Process

Through Making, Coding, Moving and Thinking courses, RoboRobo Education provides fun learning education system while enhancing creativity, logic and spirit of inquiry.

만들고 코딩하고 움직이고 생각하자

R-STEAM Education System

RoboRobo Education provides the environment to effective learn STEAM education through robot and STEAM combined R-STEAM education curriculum.

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레벨학습시스템 전문가 양성단계 초중고 확장단계 유아 저연령 도입단계