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Online Inquiry

■ The purpose of using and gathering personal information

Roborobo Education takes the least personal information to provide the best services such as education, homepage, e-mail, forum, online-mall and etc. We do not use personal information we take other than for providing the best services. We are developing our services for you with your personal information.

■ How to gather personal information and what information we gather

We ask your information: ID, password, name, email and etc. and this information is needed for education service, homepage, forum and every service. We ask your information online. We have a procedure that you agree or disagree to our terms and conditions.

■ Period of keeping and using personal information

Roborobo Education will keep all the information you provide while you are a member of the Company. However, if you request to leave the membership, your personal information will be deleted from the storage device in a non-reproducible way and will not be accessed or used in any way.

Basic Info.


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