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See! Touch! Think! Experiencing type coding education
Interesting science story learning as directly experiencing

Learns as directly checking and feeling Momos met from the screen through creative teaching materials.
Grow your children to future converged talents with science common sense that children learn naturally as directly seeing and touching.

교재 이미지
태블릿 이미지
강아지로봇 이미지
학습주제 살펴보기
직접 코딩하여 창작교구의 움직임 관찰하기
센서에 자극을 주고 화면 속 모모의 반응 확인하기
코딩할 내용과 연관된 과학상식 학습
코딩가이드 제공
STEAM education contents

Why STEAM education? STEAM education in association with various subjects stimulates children's curiosity and induces their interest to help them to naturally nurture science and liberal art knowledge.

Exciting and interesting education system

Thinking power nurturing educational method in introduction, development, turn, and conclusion