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Helps understanding on the principle and raises creativity

Utilization focused practical learning Learns how each robot component is used in the daily life and motivates to understand the principle and to design new robot creatively.

Learning mathematical programming thinking Learns mathematical thinking to program how to drive the robot sequentially.

  • LED보드
    LED가 사용된 예(신호등)
    버저가 사용된 예(컴퓨터 메인보드)
  • 로봇 동작 순서와 같이 문제해결 절차를 그림으로 나타낸 것을 순서도 (Flow Chart)라고 합니다.
    물체가 감지 되었나?
Learning mathematical programming thinking

It includes the activity course of thinking and self-problem solving according to the theme other than the simple robot assembly class to enhance children's creativity.

  • 오늘의 할일
  • 생활 속의 로봇이야기
  • 이렇게 조립해요
  • 어떻게 움직일까요?
  • 프로그램 설명해요
  • 움직여 볼까요?
  • 무엇을 배웠나요?
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