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It is easy and fun, so it enhances self-learning ability
Amazing configuration that adds fun
1. Increase understanding on the robot
  • Robot Kit developed by Intelligent Robot Education Study Group to foster scientific talents and to conduct creativeness education.
  • Circuit module oriented including education on sensor, electronic, mechanical and computer technologies beyond the simple assembling method.
  • Experiencing understanding and operating principles on structures of devices and machines while assembling various models.
  • With solderless safe circuit modules, possible to assemble and disassemble any time.
  • Possible to understand internal structures and behaviors of things and to enhance the space perception ability while assembling.
2. Easy even for beginners, Rogic
  • Easy and interesting programming GUl (Graphical User Interface) environment eases difficult and complex programming.
  • Programming in the flowchart concept Cultivates logical and mathematical basic ability by not controlling the robot with simple icons but programming algorithms in the flow-chart concept.
3. Learning robot as completing the workbook
  • Workbook raising the learning effect more It is configured to review and check key contents learned again to let go to the next level after fully and surely learned.
  • Self-making workbook It is configured for the learner to complete his/her own workbook so to gain achievement.
    Doing so, it is possible to raise the self-learning ability.
4. From assembly to programming, self-doing Robo Kit
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