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LEVEL (초급과정) 1 전기, 전자의 원리의 기초를 배우는 과정

It is the course for beginners to learn how to assemble the robot basically and understand electric and electronic principles and structural principles.
Other than assembling the robot, the learners directly program motions of the robot they made.

  • Robot is

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LEVEL (중급과정) 2 창의력과 논리력을 향상

In this course, learners enhances creativity, logic, imagination by themselves to make their own robots other than implementation of monolithic motions.
Learners will learn various applications on the servo motor and the infrared sensor which are largely used in the robot area.

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LEVEL (고급과정) 3 로봇에 대한 흥미를 높여 가는 과정

In this course, faster and more powerful robots are made using 12V, to add fun an interest on the robot.
Using various frames, buggy wheels, etc., it is possible to make robots more easily.
Robot utilized missions are performed to raise the proactive utilization ability.

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  • TornadoBot

  • SuperbikeBot

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LEVEL (심화과정 1)  4 로봇에 대한 흥미를 높여 가는 과정

Using various preparation materials, sophisticated robots are made.
While making robots by teams and/or groups, creativeness and teamwork spirit are developed.
It encourages and proposes making creative and cooperative robots using high speed DC motors and various sensor boards.

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  • DiceBot

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  • BugBot

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  • SpaceBot

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LEVEL (심화과정 2)   5 블루투스를 이용한  활용 과정

This in-depth course uses the Bluetooth technology for near field communication.
It is possible to use the newly added Bluetooth controller for various contests, of which speedy key actions provide the breathtaking feeling as if in a contest.

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  • SupergrabBot

  • SupertankBot

  • VikingBot

  • DancingBot

  • DriftBot

  • BowlingBot

  • PelicanBot

  • FutureBot

LEVEL (심화과정 3)   6 높은 난이도의 로직 프로그램 응용 단계

In this in-depth course, robots are made using logic programs in the high difficulty level.
With large wheels and melodies, both visually and audibly satisfying robots are made.

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  • LizardBot

  • GolfBot

  • CrazyBot

  • ShootingBot

  • WindBikeBot

  • NeroBot

  • ScorpionBot

  • FutureBot

LEVEL (심화과정 4)  7 다양한 기계적요소와 응용프로그램의 심화 과정

In this in-depth course, it is possible to learn various mechanical elements and application programs.
Using newly added color sensors and various mechanical structures, it is possible to make automated robots.
It is possible to realize fancy performance using colorful RGB LEDs and gigantic wheels.

  • GiantCarBot

  • VendingMachineBot

  • PowerBattleBot

  • GumdoBot

  • AutomationBot

  • FutureBot