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Key components and features of Romanbo
Product Components and features

Product features Romanbo is a multi-joint robot that uses 16 high performance motors and lightweight aluminum frames.
GUI based dedicated software promises easy and interesting programming for everyone.
If you add sensors and structures, you can realize various applications and utilization.

Smart motor
Romanbo uses high performance motors and shows mighty performance close to human.
LED control enabled colorful effect
The reliable RS-485 communication is applied by default for easier Romanbo operation.
Lightweight aluminum frame
Lightweight but highly strong aluminum frames protect Romanbo against external impacts.
Wireless 2.4GHz RF remote control
Realize more free and various motions with the wireless 2.4GHz RF remote control.
Noise resistant RS-485 communication
The reliable RS-485 communication is applied by default for easier Romanbo operation.
GUI based software
GUI based humanoid dedicated software lets easy and simple humanoid control.
Daisy chain method
Simple wiring arrangement thanks to the daisy chain method.
Expandable sensors and structures
Using various sensors and structures, Romanbo can provide colorful performance.

Key Components With the high performance CPU mounted on the controller, the motor performance is demonstrated 100% and the precise control is possible.

리튬폴리머 배터리

Interface and Control Romanbo has not only highly performing but also highly intuitive interface for user convenience.
LEDs on the controller indicate the robot status at a glance and, controllers enable robot operation without the wireless remote control.

USB Port
Power Adapter Port
Input Port
Power Switch
Mode Button
Action Buttons
RF / Bluetooth Module Connector
Start Button
Battery Case
Status LEDs
Product Specification