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To make coding not difficult
program is touched by hand

Coding is an intangible concept as like mathematics.
Consequently, the coding board is designed for children to raise their understanding on the coding through visual, audible and touching senses as seeing and touching the program.

Forward Block
Delay Block
LED Block
Melody Block
Learn Coding Board
NFC란? 10cm 이내의 가까운 거리에서 데이터를 주고받는 근거리 무선 통신 기술입니다.
Power Button
NEC Communication Circuit
Robot Communication Connector
USB Communication Port
Download Button
NFC Insertion
Learn Coding Block

Coding Block A NFC chip in which a unique operation is stored is embedded in the block.
Combining each block, it is possible to build a program freely.

  • Infrared Sensor Detection
  • Play Melody
  • Turn on Blue LED
  • Delay Time
UARO and Coding Friends

Coding education application for preschoolers Robot moving commands are indicated in fun character forms to program a code as if playing a game.

유아로와 코딩친구들
Coding robot that brings up imagination and creativity

Simple to make and disassemble Using internationally patented bolts and nuts, even young children can make a robot in a desired from easily and rigidly.
Providing tools, it is possible to exploit not only hand eye coordination but also brain and sense development.

Bolts and Nuts
Patent Application No. 10-2015-0113976
Patent Application No. 10-2015-0119544
UARO just suitable for preschooler

Easy to replace the battery With a separate cartridge in which batteries are contained,
it is designed in the structure for teachers or parents easy to separate and replace batteries.
When you connect a motor to the motor connection port, it is possible to operate it easily without CPU.

Battery Case
배터리 교체방법 - 배터리를 초록색 케이스에 담고 뚜껑을 닫은 후, 노란색 카트리지에 끼웁니다.
Enriching with Lego blocks

Make various contents with logo blocks Assemble Lego duplo blocks you have at home with a RoboRobo robot and you can create more versatile contents again.
A converter part to attach a Lego block is provided in the basic kit. (Cumulatively provided from Number 1 model)

Joining with a Lego Block
Application Examples