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Key Product Configuration
1. UARO Kit
  • Parts in various shapes and smart electronic components are provided altogether.
  • Using RoboRobo patented bolts and nuts, it is easy and convenient to assemble/disassemble.
  • Safety certified for children to use without care.
Patent Application No. 10-2015-0113976
Patent Application No. 10-2015-0119544
2. Workbook and Example Assembly Manual
  • Configured with Illustration based contents to the user's eye level.
  • More entertaining workbook with special activities such as stickers, drawing and cut & paste.
  • Made together with preschool education experts, more reliable education contents.
  • The efficient and effective course commonly provided to preschoolers is reflected in learning themes.
3. Coding Board
  • NFC (near field communication technology) used new concept program tool in the smart method.
  • Upload the command block and click a button and the program is sent to the robot.
  • Learns the coding basics using various commands such as Forward, Turn on LED and Play Melody.
Patent Application No. 10-2015-0136369
Coding Education Is Difficult?

Learning to code with the robot is easy! Fun!

Coding > Download > Robot Action
  • Play Window Learning
  • Easy Coding
  • NFC Utilized Education
  • Application
Travel and Move!

Interactive Coding Robot UARO When it detects children's hands or objects, it blinks lamps or moves the robot for interaction.
Using the radio remote control, it is possible to remotely control as well as a fun play.

  • Possible to Assemble in a Shape You Want
  • Sensor Module with Various
  • Motor Implementing Interesting Movements