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UARO Curriculum
Systematic step by step learning method to the young children's eye level

LEVEL 1 Making course to raise concentration and creativity

It is the course to learn how to assemble and to make the shape the user wants.
Bolts, nuts and the tool are used to develop hand eye coordination and to raise concentration and creativity.

  • Swing

  • Desk and Chair

  • Robot Friend

  • Picture Frame

  • Puppy

  • Frog

  • Fire Truck

  • Ambulance

  • Crane

LEVEL 2 Robot utilized learning to enhance curiosity and spirit of inquiry

It is the course to stimulate curiosity and motivation to coding. In this course, working on and selecting
the right program for each robot enables understanding the need for programming.

  • Bird

  • Snail

  • Fan

  • Germ

  • Crab

  • Beetle

  • Goblin

  • Drummer

  • Hibiscus

  • Catapult

LEVEL 3 While learning how to program code, raise logical thinking

In this course, the coding board is used to program the code desired. While programming a different code for each robot
and observing its behavior, logical thinking and creativity thinking are raised.

  • Wrestling Bot

  • Board Game Bot

  • Soccer Bot

  • Dragonfly

  • Tractor

  • Helper Bot

  • Yacht

  • Bicycle

  • Train

LEVEL 4 With application, programming skill up!

In this course, the application is used to conduct diverse coding works. Basic programming skill learned.
previously is upgraded and free coding enhances creativity and problem solving ability.

  • Ski Bot

  • Hockey Bot

  • Snowplow

  • Firefly

  • Dinosaur

  • Rhino

  • Cleaning Bot

  • Exploring Bot

  • Military Bot

  • Humanoid