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Systematic learning configuration and fun at once!
Electronic Block Features

Twinkle Twinkle Electronics does not use learning by rote but the experiencing educational method.
Children will be able to learn this science with interesting experience activities.
It is designed to naturally learn scientific principles hidden behind the daily life based on experiencing activities tailored to the eye level of learners.

  • 창의력 개발 및 과학적 이해력 향상 - 블록을 통해서 다양한 회로를 창의적으로 제작
  • 안전하고 친환경적인 제품 - 쉽고 간단하게 사용할 수 있는 친환경적 제품
  • 재미와 교육이 접목된 제품 - 블록을 통해 놀이하듯 배우는 전자의 원리
  • 전자회로에 대한 확장성 - 기존의 회로 외에 다양한 회로를 쉽게 접목 가능하며 확장성이 뛰어남
Connecting complicated circuitry with blocks
Existing Electronic Circuitry
From the beginning, a breadboard (circuit board) was used to connect circuit components, which was in a complex structure that was difficult to understand.
Electronics Class
Using simple circuit connections using electronic blocks, it is easy to understand. Possible to practice circuit exercises step by step in a fun way.