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32port connection problem
2018-02-25 03:49:01Hits : 2510
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Dear Justin, Thanks, I got your reply, in my previous post as below : a few days back.

could not reply to the site by " reply " it is not working.

anyway, I tested by two system - a laptop ( CORE i7 - OS win 10 - 64 bit - USB 3) / ASUS Zenbook - a Surface pro4 ( CORE i7 - OS win 10 - 64 bit - USB3) I am using Kit 1 that purchased two years back.

meanwhile, I used to connect/download the program to the board and kit when using win XP and USB2 and I am sure the board itself, the usb connector , the cable , the controller, the RAM all input/output are OK " hi, I am recently using chrome Rogic have a problem to connect to the port.

in the port drop-down, the list nothing shows there.

but when connect the USB cable, the system ( Win 10 - 64 bit ) knows the device as USBasp ( the driver has installed and no problem with this USB in setting), please help me.

Best Regards/Babak "

Reply Dear Babak,

Sorry for this late reply. We have found the cause and solution.

Above all, about "Reply" we are working on developing our website.
I may have happened because the USB driver has not been installed properly.
Please find this attached and follow the instruction below.

I attached a ZIP file which includes two .exe files below.
For 32 Bit window ⇒ "CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe" install and run this please.
For 64 Bit window ⇒ "CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe" install and run this please.

Could you advise me of the result after doing this please?

Best regards,