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43How to connect and program the IR R/C 8
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We have the roborobo level 2 kit, and we use Rogic v3.4.8.1 for programming.

We are having a problem connecting and programming the remote controller/receiver. On the receiver (FC1B-NO19) the output has four pins, while on the CPU board the standard IN ports (IN1 to IN7) has only three pins, so seems like we cannot connect the remote receiver to the CPU board.

Can you help to clarify how to connect and program the IR remote controller and receiver?

Reply Dear sir,

Sorry for this belated reply. You can use 3-pin cable to connect remote control receiver board to the CPU board.

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    wayne 2024-05-18 17:16:36
    I have the same problem.

    I have used 3-pin cable to connect the receiver board to Input (e.g. IN1) of CPU.

    On the receiver board, LED1 is lit and LED2 is blinking. On the 8-key pad, LED1 is lit and LED2 is blinking. It means they are connected to each other.

    When I try to program, it does work. Any idea?